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The Mini Jet WA crew head south again to tackle one of the most challenging yet rewarding sections of the lower Blackwood River.

With a start point from Nannup, the crew will head downstream for over 120km of jet boat heaven over the two days.

Crews will launch on Saturday morning from the bridge and tackle undoubtedly some of the toughest waters within the first 3km of the river, winched, paddles and sheer strength will be needed to make sure the boats all get through. A day one midpoint has been arranged at Jalbarragup where the entire crew will wait until every craft has arrived, from here we will continue the run west towards Sue’s Bridge where the teams will pull the boats out and camp for the night.

Day 2 sees some more challenging waters until the mighty river starts to calm and widen allowing the guys to stretch their legs, enjoy the scenery, and cruise on down to the end at Molloy Island Caravan Park. We chose this weekend so the boat and support crew can enjoy the Monday Public Holiday in the region.

Meet-up point
Brockman Street, at the bridge.

A compulsory driver briefing and vessel scrutineering to MJWA rules will be held on Saturday
Full river equipment is required
A support crew per craft is mandatory for this event as there are some significant challenges on day 2 as we progress to Bridgetown

Supplementary rules and regulations

Enter the event via the Mini Jet WA race entry form

Cost to enter
$80 per boat

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