On Sunday 11 June, the MJWA crew took advantage of the winter weather and ran a closed event on some private waters.

The committee had built some new floating jumps and part of the day was to get them dialed in for coming events. Needless to say after a few test runs and adjustments the jumps were ready for a trial.

As the rain eased and a driver’s brief, the crew set off on a 10-minute warm-up and sighting session as the waterway were new to some, and even the experienced were finding new areas and cut-throughs to explore and enjoy.

After a regroup and fueling up some heads up racing was decided upon as we had a great mix of boats for the day, multiple runs had by all saw some very surprising results with the overall winner being the superbly prepared ‘Pumpin’.

The remainder of the day focused on jump practice and some late afternoon dam hopping decided by a couple of the guys.